Williamsburg Townhouse
A complete kitchen renovation resulting in a beautiful open-concept space.
The Minna Street House
This townhome underwent kitchen, bath, and general remodeling to create the perfect modern living space.
Central Park West Apartment
To match the elegance of Central Park's view, we created a majestic bathroom and bedroom for this apartment.
North Slope Townhouse
Complete with a chef's kitchen to entertain and two upscale bathrooms, this project created the ideal space for guests.
Spring Studios Tribeca
Floor to ceiling windows complement a clean, modern look perfect for an open Tribeca studio.
Designer Williamsburg Kitchen
A lively, professionally designed space meets with clean architectural elements and a new renovation to create a modern yet cozy dining area.
Park Slope Apartment Bathroom
Breathing new life into an old space, this remodel created the perfect couples bathroom for busy executives.

About JBJ Renovations

JBJ Concrete Renovations Inc. is a full-service construction, renovation, and design company serving Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Three generations of a family construction business have cumulated into a company that prides itself on excellent customer service that encompasses all aspects of construction and building services.

For over a decade, we have worked alongside our clients, architects, and designers, to transform their ideas and visions into creating practical, interesting, custom designs and spaces in NYC. JBJ services both residential and commercial construction.

Our services consist of all phases of construction from the consulting and planning stage to all other phases of building. Site work, restoration of existing properties, home remodeling, and enlargements where we include and work closely with all other trades is our specialty. As a General Contractor, we will provide all aspects of construction which include kitchen and bathroom renovations, custom millwork, carpentry, insulation and drywall, flooring, doors and windows, steel, and concrete services.

We work closely with electricians, plumbers, HVAC contractors, steel and ironworkers and have a list of these trades that we consistently work with. 

Other services we offer include project management and supervision, which relieves the client of on-site managerial responsibilities and ensures targeted completion of project within projected timeline and budget. It is our pleasure to do it all for you!

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